This website has been created to educate people about Coast Dairies, its history, how it became protected open space, the legal bases for that protection, and to provide as much information as possible regarding the positive and negative impacts of it becoming a National Monument. If you agree with our position, voice your concerns, ask questions, and suggest that it would be better to study this further before advocating for something that could change Santa Cruz’s North Coast forever.

We ask that people who are concerned about the increased impacts from monument designation sign our petition at To learn more about this issue join the Facebook group, Friends of the North Coast.

Advocacy of all types requires a sustained effort. Your involvement today, in whatever capacity you are able to participate, can help change policy and practice for good. Below is a list important organizations that can keep you updated on important issues such as this and help you help make a difference.

Rural Bonny Doon Association:

Davenport/North Coast Association:

Santa Cruz County Government:

California Coastal Commission:

Sempervirens Fund: