Cotoni-Coast Dairies monument campaign survey highly misleading

The Cotoni-Coast Dairies monument campaign’s claim that 84% of county voters support the monument designation is totally bogus. They asked people if they’d heard of the effort to make Coast Dairies a national monument, after they read them a statement explaining what a national monument is. Only 10% of the respondents said they had previously seen, read or heard a great deal about Coast Dairies, and 29% said they had heard a little. Then they read them two statements about how wonderful it would be if it were a national monument, and that many environmental organizations, businesses and politicians, including Sen. Boxer and Rep. Eshoo, supported it. Even then only 61% said they strongly support it, and 23% said they support it a little. Finally, they read them a statement, that they made up, of what opponents say, leaving out the strongest arguments, and that knocked support down to 72%, of whom only 48% said they still strongly support it. So, even after their best effort to get the result they wanted, the campaign still decided, in their ads, to claim 84% support it, instead of 72%! And that so-called support came predominantly from people who mostly weren’t even aware of the issue before they were called by the pollsters! It’s sad to see an organization like Sempervirens that has done so much good sinking to this level.

To see the survey, and a step by step analysis of how they manipulated the results, go to


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